Rankings are Live

See how you stack up!

  • Rank up in Single Player or Multiplayer
  • Climb the career ladder from a lowly Field Intern to a Nobel Laureate
  • Earn new Species Designs as you rank up

In a nutshell:

  1. Every win earns one Discovery (Singleplayer or Multiplayer)
  2. Four Discoveries earns a promotion
  3. Earn a Bonus Discovery for every human you beat in Matchmade Multiplayer
  4. Earn a Bonus Discovery each day you play Matchmade Multiplayer
  5. Earn a Bonus Discovery for consecutive Multiplayer wins
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Rankings and progression is now live in game! We are super excited for this release and hope you will be too. Every game that you win, you’ll see yourself progress as you make your way from a lowly field intern all the way up to the coveted Nobel Laureate. You’ll earn a new Species Design for every promotion that you get along the way. The system works in any game mode, across Singleplayer or Multiplayer!

In Singleplayer, win, get a Discovery, and move forward. In multiplayer, you’ll get a bonus discovery for your first multiplayer game each day, as well as a bonus Discovery for every human you beat.

For example, if you play one multiplayer game today, and get first place out of three humans, you would earn four Discoveries:

  • 1 Discovery- For First Place (including defeating any AI opponents)
  • 1 Discovery- For your first multiplayer game of the day
  • 2 Discoveries- For defeating two humans.
  • Total of Four Discoveries earned.


There are specific criteria for each title as you move forward in order to earn the next promotion. Here are the details to earn a Discovery by Career Title. (Note: You can play Multiplayer and advance through the early levels quickly as well.)

  1. Field Intern- Beat any AI
  2. Biologist- Beat any AI
  3. Graduate Student: Beat any AI
  4. Phd Candidate: Beat the Intermediate AI
  5. Post Doctorate: Beat the Hard AI
  6. Research Assistant: Beat the Expert AI
  7. Assistant Professor: Multiplayer only, losses don’t count
  8. Associate Professor: Multiplayer only. Floating, can gain or lose Discoveries.
  9. Professor: Multiplayer only, Floating, can gain or lose Discoveries
  10. Nobel Laureate: Once reaching Nobel, you’ll stay there for the Season. Your Raw ranking is also exposed.

Monthly Seasons

Once reaching Associate Professor, you are in the Monthly Tournament! Your goal is to make it to Nobel Laureate before month end, and win the prestige and accolades of your peers. At the end of each month, the Season restarts and players in the monthly tournament reset to bottom of their rank:

  • All Associate Professors reset to Associate Professor 4
  • All Professors and Nobel Laureates reset to Associate Professor 1.


Each level up grants a new Species Design, and auto updates your Species Design to the new one. More rewards are coming in the future as well!

Full Rank Ladder:

Most Titles have 2-4 ranks within them. For example, once you reach Professor, you’ll start at Professor 4, then rank up to Professor 3, 2, 1, and then Nobel Laureate. Below is the detailed breakout showing the ranks within each title.

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