Version 1.0.3 (1304) has been released!

Feature Changes:

  • Creature Discoveries!  
    • Ever wondered what a burrowing-long neck-cooperator looks like?
    • Tap the Discoveries Tab for details on how to find these fantastic creatures

Bug Fixes:

  • Store Tab-  We decided to let you mobile users buy the game 🙂
  • Set the mobile versions of the game to require at least iOS 11 and Android 8.
  • Fixed an issue with Ultrawide support for phones. A more proper fix will be coming in a future update.
  • E-mail/Password is now required to play Multiplayer, whether a paid user or not. Singleplayer will never require an E-mail/Password.
  • The initial Account login flow was redone to work better for users with existing accounts
  • Play Now button in Campaign would tap through and open the wrong watering hole on the map.
  • New Game in Matchmaker games was appearing for Free Users when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fix a potential game lock up around Intelligence Discard.
  • Forgot Password was not working at the Initial Login.
  • For players that only completed the Brutal Mode Campaign and not the Normal, when they logged into a new device, the Expert AI was not showing up.