Version 1.0.4 (1365) Patch Notes


  • New Quality Settings for Mobile Devices:
    • Low Quality- 720p without animated plants and ambiance effects for performance on low end mobile devices.
    • Normal Quality- 1080p resolution, without animated plants and background effects, will reduce power draw and overheating on Android devices
    • High Energy- Includes animated plants and effects.  Looks the best but will use more battery.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Display Name getting locked into a state where no name would be accepted.
  • Fixed a locking issue with Multiplayer AI replacement.
  • Addressed a number of issues surrounding Account Creation and Onboarding.
  • Addressed a number of issues around saving Creature Creator sketches.
  • Localized the price on the paywall so that is does not only show USD price.
  • Brutal Mode in the campaign was incorrectly unlocking at 4 games played instead of 3.
  • Information button for Ranking explanation was not enabled.
  • Renamed Discoveries tab to Sketches tab.

Known Issues:

  • We are aware of issues remaining surrounding Multiplayer that need to be addressed in terms of stability. The focus of our next patch is going to be around those issues and our goal is to have as many of them addressed in 1.0.5 that we can.
  • There are certain values (Display Name, Ranking, etc.) that are stored on the server, and if a player is offline, these won’t be displayed.  Ranking is currently updating locally, and will get relayed to the server upon reconnection.
  • There seems to be issues surrounding Scoring and Ranking in Multiplayer. Because of the possibility of cheating, the server is the one that drives what the final outcome of a game is if there are discrepancies. However, this can lead to incorrect results from Multiplayer games. Our plan is to stabilize Multiplayer and then address these issues with Ranking once we know we can trust what is coming from the server.
  • We are aware that players are unhappy that if a player drops from a Matchmade game, the remaining players do not benefit from the player that left. We plan in a future update to make it to penalize players that left that they will take automatic losses and the remaining players get automatic wins, but we have to communicate that on the client at the same time we make those changes on the server.