Version 1.0.6 (1530) Patch Notes


  • Kickstarter Backers can now play games using the Promo Traits Insectivore, Timid, and Trampling in Single Player Quick Play and Private Multiplayer Games. Access them through the Options Menu in both Game modes.
  • Private Games- Premium users are able to invite free users to play with them for free in Private Games.  
  • Kickstarter Backers now can access their Golden Species Badge as a part of their Rewards and use it in their games.
  • When using Carnivore Intelligence, it is now possible to choose not to discard a card to negate Horns on a prey species.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in Matchmaker where the play space would be stuck in an empty watering hole if the server was in the middle of updating the game state.
  • Fixed a number of issues around being unable to reload into a Matchmaker game or being out of sync upon reload.
  • Addressed a couple issues with Ultrawide support for some Android Phones.
  • Android Back Button was not implemented properly.
  • Added a loading indicator for the Trailer Video on initial load as some lower end phones are taking a long time to load it.