Evolve with Venom & Gigantism

Our biggest addition since launch:  New Promo Traits are now available for purchase in the game.  In a balanced ecosystem, each new Trait impacts all other Traits as well.  You’ll need new strategies to survive against creatures using these mighty traits.  Buy on any platform and unlock them on all platforms.

Use them:

  • Against the AI in single-player games
  • In your own custom private games
  • In public match-made multiplayer games

Public Multiplayer “Find A Match” 

You can also use your promo cards in match-made multiplayer. Here’s how it works: each player is allowed to add one promo card to the deck for everyone to use (the others do not need to own the promo card).

No Bots in Multiplayer

By popular request, match-made multiplayer will no longer use computer opponents by default. You’ve told us they take the human element out of multiplayer games. Public games will have a three person minimum before they kick off.

Base Game on Sale Now

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