Daily Challenge Launch

Introducing the Daily Challenge

In this new mode, you’ll play a quick, one round challenge (the Last Round) of a user-designed Evolution scenario.  You get one attempt per day to solve the challenge, it only takes a couple of minutes.  Your goal is to maximize your score vs the highest scoring AI.  There’s a daily leaderboard for bragging rights, and a weekly average of the top scores.  With only one try per day, you don’t have to grind to make the leaderboard. Find this feature right on the main menu.

Create and submit Challenges for the community to enjoy.

Add traits, choose the climate, add in promo cards, choose the opponents and their traits, you can control every aspect of your challenge.

To get started, click the “Randomize” button to randomly populate a scene.

Now, go through and make changes to create the best last round possible.  Remember, the best challenges are ones those that give players options to succeed, so include a Carnivore, Defenses, Climate Protection, and Food Sources.

Once you’ve finished, test your challenge by hitting preview.  Feel free to make extra changes, test it again, and once you love it, hit “Submit” to send your challenge to the user rating queue.  Once submitted the challenge creator resets and you are free to create another!

Rate Other User’s Challenges

User created challenges go into a queue that will get rated by the community. Be sure to rate other players’ challenges as well under the Rate button. The best challenges will be used in the game as a Daily Challenge, with credit to their creator.

Earn the new Creator Microbadge

All Creators getting 10 or more upvotes will receive the Creator Badge to show off.

Sounds great! How do I take part?

Both of these features are free in the March Evolution Update.   Go to the store for your platform, up the game, and enjoy!

Join our Discord and discuss your creations!

Winners will be announced in Discord, so you’ll need to join the Discord to win.  With over 3,000 players in our community, discuss tips on building the best challenges, and hear first about all the new features.  Join the community by clicking here.