Introducing Nature, the next game in the Evolution Series

Evolution Refined = Nature We are thrilled to announce our next game in development, Nature. Nature builds on Evolution's mechanics with an ever-expanding series of Modules, each with it's own distinct theme. Mix and match modules to create new experiences. So... Why make a new game? With 10 years of experience designing games in the Evolution series, we have learned a...Read More

Multiplayer Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone that took time to fill out our digital board game multiplayer survey! We had 559 folks reply, which was awesome to see the support from the players. We put this poll out to help with structuring our multiplayer for the upcoming Flight expansion, and our new game Nature.  Let's go through...Read More

Ultimate Bundle Added

It's been five crazy years since we launched the evolution digital game.  This has been our sole focus these past years, a labor of love that at times seemed to border on insanity.  In that time, we've squashed more bugs than an anteater at a picnic, and have also made a game that we're all pretty...Read More