Evolution: Education Edition

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Evolution is available for educators in volume discounts, and family sharing!

Packed with Facts

Students experience natural selection through gameplay, while learning fascinating facts about evolutionary traits.

Fully Cross-Platform

Evolution runs smoothly on iPads, Chromebooks, Windows and Mac!

Chosen by the world-leading scientific journal Nature Magazine as the best example of natural selection in a game, Evolution brings Darwin’s theories to life in a vivid game of strategy that is both educational and entertaining.

In Evolution, students selectively develop species for survival while avoiding the looming threat of extinction. Adaptability is key as each situation has a number of successful pathways to survival. Food supply running low? Grow a long neck to access vegetation in the trees high above. Each trait added shows realistic effects on ecosystems that mirror those of the natural world. An overabundance of plant food leads to overpopulation, which in turn leads to an increase in carnivores. Of course, with many meat-eaters on the prowl, other species will develop defenses in turn. Explore the effects natural selection has on both the environment and the creatures living within.

Designed for students age 12 and above, the game is easy to pick up with a learn-while-playing tutorial. From there, explore the mysterious creatures of Evolution Island as students progress through 21 different ecosystems, playing creatures with different strategies for survival.

Students will even see beautiful drawings of one of the creatures they created at the end of their games. The game features lots of great content across singleplayer and multiplayer modes. A new challenge arrives every week to test a student’s skill at adapting, or students can play against each other in pass and play or the online multiplayer mode.

Evolution: Education Edition has a number of changes from the original Evolution Board Game. It’s packed with trait tips that give real life examples of the various traits in nature. It has easy account switching to allow classes of students to play on the same machine, and it has chat disabled to keep students safe if they choose to play online. It’s also a premium edition, to make it possible for schools to receive their volume discount when buying for a classroom.

Thor Tiberius

Science Teacher

“I am a science teacher. When I showed them the Evolution video game they flipped out! You won over my class!”

Jeannette Gerry

Biology Teacher

“The digital game is beautiful and is the best adaptation of a tabletop game I've seen. The theme of evolving and adaptations is portrayed accurately and in an engaging way, which no small feat from my experience as a biology teacher.”

Stuart West

Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Oxford

“The Theme of Evolution is not just tacked on: it drives play”

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