Refer a Friend...Get Free Stuff!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Tell your friends to get the game at and give them your Evolution username  

Step 2:  Your friend buys the Evolution Digital Game (on any platform), then goes to the Friends tab and enters your username in the refer-a-friend box.

First Referral:Both you and your friend will receive the Unstable DNA Card!

Second Referral:You will receive the Fantasy Dragon avatar and your friend will receive the Unstable DNA Card!

Third Referral:You will receive the exclusive Golden Species Skin and your friend will receive the Unstable DNA Card!

Fourth Referral:You get your name in the game credits with special thanks and your friend gets an Unstable DNA promo card!

Additional Details:

After purchasing the game, your friends need to enter your name for referral within 30 days of their purchase.  There is no time limit on being able to refer folks to the game.    

Friends will need to purchase the base game, we’re not able to give credit for downloading the free version as this would be too easy to manipulate.  

Each purchase can only give credit for a referral to 1 friend.  

If you incorrectly gave credit to the wrong friend, contact customer service at and they’ll get it corrected.   


Send the text below to friends to let them know about the game:

Come play Evolution with me! We’ll both get free stuff. Get the game at and enter my username on the Friends tab. Click to Tweet