Promo Cards

At the end of the Feeding Phase, gain 1 Body Size for every 3 food eaten.

Gigantism triggers at the end of feeding. Therefore, it can’t be used to fill Fat Tissue in the same round where it gains body size.

Before each of your feeding turns, take one Meat Food from the Food Bank if there is Food in the Watering Hole.

Can’t be attacked by a Carnivore.  Can’t feed from the Watering Hole until after all your non-timid species are fed.

Every time this species takes Food from the Watering Hole, immediately remove two food from the Watering Hole.

When the Food Cards are revealed, receive one new species if there is food on the Watering Hole from the previous round.

Disregard Body Size when attacking. This species may only make 1 attack during each Feeding Phase.

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