Flight Takes Off!

Evolution: Flight has arrived inside the evolution digital game. Now your species can swoop on unsuspecting prey from above, fly away from predators, or soar to a new location when food is scarce.

Fifth Anniversary Sale

It's been five crazy years since we launched the evolution digital game.  This has been our sole focus these past years, a labor of love that at times seemed to border on insanity.  In that time, we've squashed more bugs than an anteater at a picnic, and have also made a game that we're all pretty...Read More

Flight Expansion lands on February 12th!

Rumor has it the NorthStar digital team is working on Flight, the final digital expansion to evolution.  This much requested expansion adds Flying Species and a new food source, the Cliffs, to the game.  Keep your eyes on the sky on the fifth anniversary of evolution,  February 12th! Evolution: Flight, an expansion for Evolution, introduces flying species into the...Read More

Predators lurk, food is scarce, will you adapt – or go extinct?

Evolution is an addictive, immersive, easy-to-learn strategy game for new and experienced players alike. Evolve to survive, learn to thrive, and watch out for fearsome Apex Species on Evolution Island!

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— Key Features —

24-Level Campaign

Learn the ropes from our friendly professor, then strike out on your own adventure!

Skill-Match Multiplayer

Join multiplayer to get matched with someone at your skill level – or play a private game with friends.

Fully Cross-Platform

Play against all your friends on iOS, Android, and Steam and sync your stats across any platform you play on!

Distinctive AI

Encounter new bosses as you journey through the campaign, and once you’ve defeated them, you can play against them any time. Evolution’s menu of diverse AI personalities lets you hone your skills and try new strategies!

Strategic yet Streamlined

Evolution is accessible to players of all skill levels, but offers endless strategic possibilities. With thousands of trait combinations to evolve your species, you’ll find creative ways to reach the top of the food chain.

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