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Looking to play Evolution on your PC or Mac? You can purchase access keys directly from North Star and redeem them on Steam. Purchasing Steam keys here gives you the opportunity to get a discount when you purchase more than one, and allows you to use a wider range of payment methods. If you came to this page via a link from a streamer, they will only be compensated if you purchase a Steam Key on this page.  Looking for the cardboard Evolution board game? Find it here.

Please Note: Steam keys are not redeemable for access on mobile devices. To play Evolution on Android or iOS, search for “evolution board game” in the App Store or Play Store and download the game, or follow the links below, and you can then purchase full access from within the game.

Evolution: Education Edition

Evolution: Education Edition is a premium edition, so it’s eligible for family sharing, and education volume discounts. It’s packed with trait tips that give real life examples of the various traits in nature, easy account switching to allow classes of students to play on the same machine, and it’s loaded with great features for students and families.

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