Fifth Anniversary Sale

It’s been five crazy years since we launched the evolution digital game.  This has been our sole focus these past years, a labor of love that at times seemed to border on insanity.  In that time, we’ve squashed more bugs than an anteater at a picnic, and have also made a game that we’re all pretty proud of.  We’ve added a ton of free features, things like asynchronous play, pass and play, weekly challenges, user-generated daily challenges, and hundreds of UI improvements and bug fixes.

To commemorate that we’ve been able to continue working on our dream for the last five years, we’re putting everything we’ve ever made on sale.  Flight has a discount of 20% for launch, and is included in the new Ultimate Bundle that gives a huge discount on all IAP.  Pick it up now inside the evolution digital game, before this sale flies away:

evolution on steam

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Christian  Reply
February 13, 2024

I don’t find it in the store of my android evolution game.

North Star Digital
February 13, 2024

Hi Christian, Sometimes the game doesn’t automatically update to the latest version and you’ll need to go to the Play Store and manually update the game there by searching for “evolution board game” and then hitting update.

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