Introducing Nature, the next game in the Evolution Series

Evolution Refined = Nature

We are thrilled to announce our next game in development, Nature. Nature builds on Evolution’s mechanics with an ever-expanding series of Modules, each with it’s own distinct theme. Mix and match modules to create new experiences.

So… Why make a new game?

With 10 years of experience designing games in the Evolution series, we have learned a lot. Nature is the apex of this journey.  Nature is easier to learn but allows for more depth, has carefully balanced traits, and has new mechanics that prevent runaway leaders, even when your species are targeted by predators.

One question we got a lot after the release of Climate and Flight for Evolution was can they be played together?  They weren’t designed for this, and we quickly realized that the Evolution system doesn’t scale well.  We’ll fix this in Nature.

Explore Nature’s ecosystems

Want to know what nature was like when dinosaurs dominated the food chain? Add the Jurassic expansion. Do you want to experience these giants during a brutal ice age? Add the Tundra expansion. What’s that hidden in the Rain Forest?  You have to get up close before those species reveal their traits.  Dominic has written a blog detailing the first five expansions.

Try the beta – available now!

It’s been hard keeping it secret, but we’ve been working on Nature for the past three years. We’re co-developing the digital version right alongisde the tabletop to help with balancing.  (The new neural network AI found a broken strategy in rules version 37, that set us back six months!)  We’ve got the base version of Nature digital ready for beta, and are working on the Jurassic module right now.  Care to give it a try?

On the tabletop side, we’ve got five modules ready for print and play or playing on Tabletop Simulator. All of the rules and files are on our Discord server.  I know we’ve plugged Discord before, but it really is the best way to follow along and join the conversation.

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